Former Windsor Cop Pleads Guilty To Drug Charge

A Windsor police officer will not have a criminal conviction on his record after pleading guilty to a drug possession charge.

34-year-old David Bshouty entered the plea in a Windsor court today.

Court was told Bshouty had confiscated a bottle of prescription pills (Oxycodone) at David Suzuki School in November 2013. Instead of registering them when he returned to the police station, he put them in his personal locker. When Bshouty was suspended from duty as the result of unrelated drug charges at the border in Detroit, police searched his locker. A police inspector was securing Bshouty’s service weapon when he saw the pill bottle and sought a warrant to do a further search.

The Crown and Defence suggested a sentence jointly to the court. The judge agreed and handed down a 6-month probation order along with a complete discharge of the possession charge.

Bshouty’s lawyer Patrick Ducharme believes that is a good outcome.

“I think it’s fair in the sense that he admits it was his responsibility to make reports and turn the drugs in immediately,” says Ducharme. “He didn’t do that but he also took responsibility and resigned his position and he accepted his responsibility in this court.”


Credit photo: Defence lawyer Patrick Ducharme in Windsor, ON, October 17, 2016 (Photo by Peter Langille)

Court was told Bshouty has resigned from the Windsor Police Service, moved out of the area and is working at a high-tech logistics firm in London, where he now lives.

There is still one outstanding charge against Bshouty, that he assisted in a drug transaction involving another person.