Scott Quick goes free after Crown drops 1st degree murder charge

Scott Quick, who was accused of allegedly running down his estranged wife with a minivan 11 years ago, will not stand trial for her murder.

Assistant Crown attorney Brian Manarin said Monday morning that it was “physically impossible” for Quick to have stolen the vehicle that killed his ex-wife, before stating he would not be proceeding with the case.

While there was no evidence Quick had a motive to kill his wife, there was evidence he was “stalking her,” the Crown added.

The decision comes after a lengthy preliminary hearing that involved nearly 100 witnesses and a ruling from Ontario Court Justice Lloyd Dean last month that there was enough evidence for Quick to face the charges.

The 50-year-old was arrested in March 2015 and charged with killing, Nancy Quick, more than nine years after she was hit by a minivan and killed back in February 2006.

The 40-year-old woman was crossing the road near St. William Catholic School in Lakeshore, Ont. when she was hit by a stolen minivan. She was rushed to hospital in Windsor, and later transported to a hospital in Detroit, Mich., but died five days after being struck.

Outside of court, Quick described his two years in prison as “hell” before hugging two supporters in an emotional reunion.

“I’m relieved of course,” he said. “I’m looking forward to resuming my life with my children and my family.”

Defence lawyer Patrick Ducharme commended the Crown for dropping the case, which he said was based on evidence that showed investigators’ theories were “impossible.”

“I think officers try their best to get evidence that they think fits with their theory of the case,” he said. “The problem is if you settle on one theory at the very beginning and only work towards that, but are oblivious to other theories, you’re likely to make mistakes.”

Ducharme said there’s “no chance” his client will be charged again now that the charges have been dropped.

Quick said he wasn’t sure where he would be living now that he’s out of jail, before wishing his ex-wife’s family “peace and love.”