Defendant accused of sexually assaulting female colleague gives lurid account of evening: DiManno

Toronto Star.

Const. Leslie Nyznik gives an exhaustive and exhausting account of the alleged sexual antics of the complainant, a parking enforcement officer, he and two other cops, are accused of assaulting.

WARNING: Extremely graphic content

Goodness, what a skank!

That, of course, would be the sexual assault complainant, as portrayed by one of the three off-duty cops accused of carnally besieging her during a hotel room bacchanal.

Or, looked through the other end of the testimonial prism, the officer in the witness stand Friday had been the skank on that hotly disputed night two-and-a-half years ago. What’s the male equivalent of skank? Skunk?

Never touched that woman, Const. Leslie Nyznik asserted on Friday — at least not with his hands. Only his penis. Four times only with his penis, four times she put it in her mouth, ravenous to perform oral sex upon him. And so dexterous had this lustful woman been, that she was able to, simultaneously, have “missionary” sex with another officer, Const. Joshua Cabero, while using her other hand to rub and grope yet another cop, the zonked-out Const. Sameer Kara.

“In your version of events, it’s almost as if she sexually assaulted you,” Crown attorney Philip Perlmutter suggested scornfully to the witness. Nyznik: “No, I would disagree with you there.”

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Nyznik had already described how, as he stood between two beds in a room at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel, the complainant, lying next to Kara on the other bed, had reached out with her right hand, unzipped his trousers, pulled out his penis and placed it in her mouth. Her back towards Kara, the woman pawed with her other hand at him. Cabero, emerging from the bathroom, said: “Looks like you’re having a party, can I join you?” Woman: “Sure!”

A trinity of constable sex partnersat once. Not just consensually either, but insistently.

Ravishingly, as the aggressor-in-chief.

Perlmutter, incredulously: “You’ve got to be a contortionist to do what you’ve described.”

Nyznik, Kara and Cabero have each pleaded not guilty to one charge of sexual assault at the judge-alone trial. Only Nyznik has thus far stepped up to the plate, er, witness stand. Kara’s lawyer, Alan Gold, has told the court he will not call any evidence when the trial resumes Monday. Pat Ducharme, representing Cabero, said he’s not yet decided.

On his second day of testifying, 40-year-old Nyznik was taken by defense lawyer Harry Black through the events of January 16 to 17, 2015, after the complainant, a parking enforcement officer, joined a platoon from 51 Division for Rookie Buy Night, a pub crawl that shifted from the CC Lounge & Whiskey Bar to the Pravda Vodka Bar to the Brass Rail. Nyznik was continuing his account from Thursday, in which he’d related how the woman had turned her attentions to him after an over-intoxicated Kara had been humped out of CC by a cop colleague and deposited at the Westin, in the room Nyznik had earlier reserved for himself, Kara and Cabero.

Nyznik insisted he was not keen on the woman joining the dwindling group — certainly hadn’t invited her — as they tootled on to the Brass Rail. She just jumped into his cab, after observing that “it’s been a while since she’s had good sex.”

At the Brass Rail, Nyznik said he leaned in to the complainant and remarked that “girls don’t usually come to strip clubs. Why did you come? And she responded by saying that she doesn’t mind girl strip clubs and could appreciate a girl’s naked body and if I wanted to bring a girl back to the hotel, she would have no objections.’’

Surprised by that, mostly because he’d never suggested bringing her back to the hotel room.

At the peeler bar, Nyznik was greeted by the manager as a familiar customer. A stripper Nyznik had just met in the washroom came over to their table and struck up a conversation. Nyznik admitted to Black that he pretended their group was an adult film crew up from Miami. “I said (to the stripper), ‘why don’t you come back to the hotel for a private audition?’ Then I said jokingly (to the complainant) ‘maybe you could be so kind to film this and we could show Sameer later on because he’s asleep.’ To which the complainant (her name is protected by a publication ban), retorted: ‘Why do I have to be the one that videotapes it? Why can’t I join in?’ ”

A bit later, Nyznik testified, the complainant said to him: “Do you know that I love giving blow jobs?” “She said, ‘I’m the best.’ I said, ‘oh yeah? How good are you on a scale of one to 10? She said, ‘I’m a 10 out of 10. But since I’ve had a few things to drink tonight, I’d be a nine-point-five.’

“Pretty much after that comment she said, ‘But do you know what I really want?’ ” No, what’s that? Nyznik said the complainant said she wanted him and his colleague Joshua Cabero to perform a graphic sexual act together on her and she insisted it be performed over Sameer Kara while he was passed out.

Cut to the chase, the complainant accompanied Nyznik and Cabero to the hotel room, Nyznik apparently startled that the woman was sticking to them.

Nyznik agreed that he was still thinking about having sex with the stripper when she got off work at 2 a.m. He’d already struck out with an ex girlfriend, the Pravda manager.

The thumbnail version of what Nyznik claims ensued: The complainant and Nyznik tried unsuccessfully to rouse Kara; the complainant got grabby with Nyznik’s penis; Cabero wants in ; the complainant performed oral sex on Cabero; the complainant had missionary sex with Cabero; Nyznik lay down on the other bed alongside Cabero and watched while the complainant had intercourse with a suddenly come-to Kara, “riding him.”

“She sees me watching and then she waved me back over, smiling . . . . She began to give me oral sex.”

More oral sex still, later, for Nyznik, who’d declined intercourse (“Are you going to f— me?”), and he ejaculated on the woman’s chest.


Nyznik told Cabero he wasn’t going to call the stripper after all.

“I fell asleep.”

By Rosie DiManno