Book: 2018 Criminal Practice and Procedure

Patrick Ducharme's book: 2018 Criminal Practice & Procedure
2018 Criminal Practice & Procedure, by Patrick Ducharme











NOTE THAT PRINTING IS DELAYED to include extensive content on Canada’s new legalized  marihuana laws. New ammendments are anticipated to the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The author will discuss the impact of these provisions on persons that are convicted of marijuana related offences on international travel and investments.

Patrick J Ducharme
Patrick J Ducharme

Patrick Ducharme’s 2018 Criminal Practice and Procedure is the definitive guide to understanding procedural, evidentiary and substantive criminal law principles. It refers to new appellate decisions impacting these areas of law up to and including its date of publication. Although prepared for third year law students, it also serves as an excellent, up-to-date, authoritative consideration of Canadian criminal law, a beneficial tool to all criminal law practitioners, regardless of their level of experience.

It is written by an experienced practitioner whose writing style is sharp and to the point, without legalese. It follows Lord Balfour’s admonition: talk English, not law. Ducharme clarifies complex legal principles using concise language. Even difficult concepts, such as the co-actor’s exception to the hearsay rule, are explained precisely, understandably, using the language of a seasoned trial lawyer like flashing lights on a dark night.


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