About Ducharme Weber

Ducharme Weber LLP is a newly-formed law firm dedicated exclusively to defending persons charged with serious criminal offences and related matters such as a foreign country seeking extradition. Patrick Ducharme and Evan Weber specialize in criminal defence.

Patrick Ducharme
Patrick Ducharme

They defend all manner of cases from first-degree murder to impaired driving and shoplifting. Every criminal offence, regardless of type, is important to the person charged. They are in the business of protecting their clients from criminal conviction. Patrick and Evan also teach criminal trial advocacy to young aspiring law students and lawyers. They are dedicated to this specialized area of the law.

Patrick has represented approximately 100 persons charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and manslaughter. No case is too big or too difficult for these seasoned trial lawyers. They are in a criminal trial court room somewhere in the province of Ontario every day.

Patrick and Evan were both previously members of the law firm Ducharme Fox LLP.  Patrick and Evan decided to set up their own law firm dedicated to defending criminal charges.

Ducharme Weber is currently located at 800 University West, Windsor. Patrick and Evan are poised to move into The Walker Power Building. The move is scheduled for March 2019.


Patrick also has offices in Toronto permitting the firm’s lawyers a more central location to handle criminal trials across the province.

Patrick and Evan have worked together for close to 10 years. They work together on many major cases. As teachers at Windsor Law they have the advantage of hiring some of the brightest young law graduates. Patrick and Evan are always on the lookout for young, talented lawyers wanting to practice in the field of criminal defence.