Patrick Ducharme, Criminal Defence Lawyer

Patrick Ducharme
Patrick J Ducharme

The work of a criminal defence lawyer is challenging. A successful trial lawyer requires an understanding of the law and the skill of a consummate storyteller. For over thirty years, Patrick Ducharme has been providing effective,  informed, creative,  and successful legal representation to his clients in a wide range of difficult and high-profile cases.

Patrick’s innovative courtroom techniques and strategies have long been recognized by his colleagues in the profession. He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, one of the premier legal associations of America.  Fellowship is by special invitation only. It is a distinction bestowed upon exceptional trial lawyers in the United States and Canada whose advocacy and standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility and collegiality are models to be emulated by the lawyers of North America. He has also been selected by his peers to be included in Woodward and White’s Best Lawyers in Canada.

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Patrick Ducharme in The-Drive-Magazine - Aug, 2010
Patrick Ducharme

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Patrick Ducharme's book: 2018 Criminal Practice & Procedure
2018 Criminal Practice & Procedure, by Patrick Ducharme