Closing arguments in trial of 2 former London jailors expected Tuesday

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By Colin Butler

Both defence lawyers have decided not to call any evidence on behalf of their clients

Former EMDC supervisor Stephen Jurkus (left) and former guard Leslie Lonsbary (right) have pleaded not guilty to failing to provide the necessaries of life in the 2013 death of inmate Adam Kargus. (Colin Butler/CBC News)

A London jury will hear closing arguments in the trial of two former jailors at the Elgin Middlesex Detention Centre on Tuesday.

Former EMDC supervisor Stephen Jurkus and former guard Leslie Lonsbary are charged with failing to provide the necessaries of life in the death of inmate Adam Kargus.

The 29-year-old inmate was beaten to death on Halloween night 2013 by his cellmate Anthony George.

The Crown alleges that both men did nothing to protect Kargus from harm and that both Jurkus and Lonsbary allegedly ignored evidence that George was likely under the influence of a mind altering substance on the night of the murder.

Both Jurkus and Lonsbary have pleaded not guilty.

On Monday, Ron Ellis, the lawyer for Leslie Lonsbary told a London jury that he would not call any evidence in the case.

Patrick Ducharme, the lawyer for Stephen Jurkus, also chose not to call any evidence on behalf of his client Friday.

“The evidence is now complete in this case,” Justice Jonathon George told the jury Monday, adding that the Crown and the defence will deliver their closing arguments on Tuesday.

The judge told the jury he is scheduled to read his charge on Thursday.

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