Walker Power Building

Patrick and Evan are poised to move into their new building at 325 Devonshire Road, located in the Walkerville District of Windsor. The building is a 100 year old historic 5-floor Heritage Building designed by the world-famous architect Albert Kahn. The building will keep its original name, The Walker Power Building. In just a few months it will be the new home of Ducharme Weber LLP.

The renovations to the Walker Power Building are scheduled to be complete by the end of December this year. The Walker Power Building will be the new business Centre for professionals in a variety of fields, including, lawyers, accountants, civil and structural engineers and the like. Patrick is one of the owners of the building.

Ducharme Weber LLP will be on the top business floor of the Walker Power Building. Directly above the offices of Ducharme Weber LLP will be an exclusive access business area with large board rooms, meeting rooms, lecture rooms, and entertainment rooms. There will also be an open-air terrace overlooking the spectacular Detroit skyline. This area of the building will accommodate larger groups interested in educational seminars and practice areas for simulated trials and hearings.